Inspirational Ideas

Bringing Nature In

Depending on the seasons we can bring nature into our homes. The smell of fresh roses in summer, the vibrant colors of autumn or holly during Christmas season. There are endless possibilities but quite often it just ends up in a vase?  

In this chapter one can find ideas on trying to do something different.

Creative with Children

With children in the house, for sure they want to draw or paint from time to time. In this chapter you find different ways of entertaining them as well as use their creativeness to decorate around the house.



Create your own little treasures around the house and enjoy the beauty and the memories that you have around. 





Small things, big impact

Everyday life can be stressful enough as it is. So let´s make life more fun. Create instant happiness in your home just by making small changes, insert color, safeguard memories....


Find new ways to make you smile....