Clothing hangers

When you wake up in the morning, you want to feel energized, ready to start a new day. But sometimes.... sometimes it is a bit harder than just waking up with a smile.  I have learned that by bringing in color into your wardrobe you can feel an energy boost. Bold colors, sometimes clashing but in the clash still matching, can give you a feel good moment.


But bold colors are not everybody's favorite. So another option is to make your entire dressing or wardrobe feel energized. I have found a small trick that make me happy. Even when i am doing laundry. 


I have 'pimped' regular hangers with small colorful bow-ties. I have taken several colors of satin ribbon and made little bows around the neck of the hanger. to make sure that the bow stays I have put a drop of superglue on the knot. Finish by cutting the ends under an angle to give it that finishing look. 


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