Question has been asked. The planning is starting.... NOW

Do not exaggerate with this. First take a step back and relax these first moments. Do not go into planning mode immediately. Of course when you get married in just a couple of weeks, then you should immediately take the bull by it´s horns, but otherwise give yourself some time. Do not loose yourself, enjoy being engaged. 

And then start your planning looking for locations, venues, photographers,....


The only thing -in my opinion- that you should decide upon rather quickly is your wedding day. Choose a day that makes you happy, that reminds you of a beautiful moment together or a season that gives you energy and makes you happy. in some cultures there is a rule that you should get married within a year of being engaged. Do not feel pressured by this. 


Don´t forget, this is all about you as a couple. This is YOUR big day. 


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