To take the perfect photograph, one needs to find a new perspective or you end up with the same old boring pics. Why not try to take one with a small inclination, or where the model is slightly faded out in comparison to a very sharp flower in front of the lens.


However, when it comes down to our own interior we are sometimes more hesitant to try out new things. The fear of doing something wrong overpowers our curiosity for something new.


The goal of my website is to teach or guide you, dear reader, to make more bold choices when it comes down to your interior. And this without spending too much cash on it. Small things that make you happy and smile when you walk into the room. And moreover know that...


Perfection lays in the imperfection....


Besides ideas on how to improve your house and make it a warm and cozy place, I also like to share ideas with you on planning events. 


Please fill in the contact form or send an email to ask for further information on planning your event or staging your home.


Who is Wabi Sabi Interiors....

After several years of working locally as well as a broad, I found myself on a crossroad in life and was wondering who am I and what do I want. I am.... what you put behind it shapes your reality. And at that point my reality was far from who I was. I wanted to wake up with a smile and love my job every second of every day, I wanted a job that made not only me but also other people happy. And where does happiness start? At home.... So in the beginning I used all my ideas and creativity in my own home. I had a blank canvas in front of me and gradually filed it with my ideas and my passion. And the more paint on the walls, the more idea grew to make other people happy and give them a house that feels warmer, a piece that makes their home perfect, a party to remember.... So I am starting something new, I am following my heart. I made my passion, my work. And now each time when I enter my work space I get energy from ´being creative´and being me. 


What does Wabi Sabi Interiors offer...

Inspirational ideas

Every idea that I try, or suggestion that I have to make your home a palace, just by making little twitches and tweeches, can be found here. Looking for ideas for a cool new room, activities for Christmas, Easter or Halloween... with the kids? Just have a look here

I also share links to websites that inspire me or ideas that I believe you really need to see

Event planning

When you love throwing parties, why not start organizing them for everyone around you? 

Babyshowers, weddings, ... Advice from invitation to table decoration. I help you with the ideas you have and develop a suitable concept according to your budget and dreams

Interior Design

Just moved house and not sure what to do with all those white walls? Or do you need personal advice on home improvements, big changes or small changes? Please fill in the contact form and I will reach out to you asap


Soon you will be able to purchase in our webshop special unique pieces for your home. Our focus will be on ethic, colorful, joyfull items. Handmade, new, or upcycled and trendy....